The work in the operations department

Florian has been with GONICUS since December 2014. He works as a Systems Engineer in the Operations Department at the headquarters in Arnsberg. Here he gives you an insight into the work of the late shift (16:00 to 00:30 ).

Bild von Florian

Questions to Florian:

Florian, how would you describe your job in one sentence?
My job is to maintain servers and databases and help users with Linux and open source software issues.

What does your workplace look like??
I work in an office together with my colleagues from the Operations Department. This allows us to quickly and easily communicate about problems and solutions.

What training did you do or how did you come to GONICUS?
I came to GONICUS as a newcomer, after a friend gave me a tip. I have a background in woodworking mechanics, but have always been interested in IT and Open Source. My success in joining GONICUS - not least thanks to the nice colleagues - was not a problem.

Which topics are you currently working on?
At the moment, I am mainly responsible for a large, globally operating customer, which uses various database systems and Ubuntu as desktop operating system in addition to Windows and Linux servers.

What do you appreciate most about GONICUS?
I particularly like the family atmosphere here. It is always possible to address problems and ambiguities, and you are always respected and taken seriously. A special highlight is our annual trip to the IJsselmeer.

What are your tips for future applicants?
Dare! You can expect an incredible working atmosphere with exciting tasks.

An evening in the Operations Department

Just before 16 o’clock

I arrive at the office. This week I work in the late shift. Here, together with another colleague, I look after a major customer, who receives support from us almost around the clock. The colleagues are still busy; Some are phoning, others focus on their screens or share information with each other. After switching on my laptop, I already have the first appointment: The Operations Meeting. Here we talk about current topics in the department once a week or talk to each other if something does not go so well. Today, however, there are only organizational issues: a new trainee, upcoming training courses and employee appraisals.

Operations Büro


After the meeting, I quickly check if there was any important news, read my mails and get an overview of the tickets that are still open. However, there is not much time, because the handover with the colleagues of the day shift is already taking place. For this customer, they do not sit in our office for a change, but work for another company. After a few short phone calls, I’m in the picture of how the day went and whether there are tasks that need to be taken over.


Today is a relatively quiet day. There is still time to prepare for my upcoming LPIC exam. But now it’s time for dinner. Thanks to our well-equipped kitchen, we are not dependent on pizza and 5-minute terrines, but can also provide fresh food. Today there is Spicy ham with a Rocket Leaf Salad. After the meal is a scheduled change to a customers system. In order to do that I contact the responsible persons to make sure that the systems are ready. This time, only the memory of some virtual servers needs to be expanded.



The evening is still quiet, so far it remains with standard tasks: clean up hard drives, control utilization and help users with Linux issues. A little hectic moment then comes up, as an Oracle database threatens to occupy the entire disk space. If not caught in time, the database could crash. But there is still enough time and space to start a backup, which cleans up old archive logs.


The support window for the customer ends. I close my tickets still open or prepare them for the transfer. The time until the end of my shift I use for internal tasks and documentation. My desk could also be cleaned up again.

Operations Schreibtisch


The two colleagues of the next shift arrive. I brief them on the events of the day and hand over the tickets that I could not resolve. After work I drive briefly to the gym. At least you do not have to worry about not getting a free device at this time.

If you think Florian’s work sounds exciting, then apply to us as a System Engineer.

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