All change is difficult

Do you want to give Linux a chance at the workplace? Your company switches to Linux for productivity reasons? Security is a critical issue for your business and that’s why we are now focusing on Linux on the desktop?

No matter what the reason is: as a user you are faced with a few questions - and certainly have to worry about what comes with such a change. Of course, your in-house IT department does not leave you alone and has the backup from a friendly and competent external service provider, but there are always a few questions that you might not have asked in the beginning. Sometimes a question will not pop up until you have the new, pretty desktop in use for a few days or weeks:
There was this one piece of software that I used to use for this one little task that only happens every 3 months. What is there now for a suitable alternative?

The search for software

Some people are starting to search now. Some people ask the most experienced users. Often the search engine is the first step on the way to the new software, then time spent in evaluation. All in all, a long and rocky road that consumes a lot of productive time.
Another approach, which has proven itself among peers, is a Web site that specializes in finding and demonstrating alternatives to well known software.

The Site does just that..


You can filter the results in a way that shows the software running on GNU / Linux. In addition, there are a variety of user comments and ratings that make it easier to choose..

In this way one finds very quickly, possible alternatives for certain software solutions. Thus, the website helps with reconfiguration and familiarization.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to exchange information on this subject without obligation.


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