Yet Another Monitoring Software?

Googling for Grafana makes you realize what it is - another monitoring program. Even if you already have one or more monitoring programs in operation, you should take a closer look at Grafana.

Grafana does not just want to be a simple analytic and monitoring tool for its own agent, scripts or SNMP. The cloud is the integration and mixing of existing data sources.

I would like the data presented large, colorful and beautiful.

“No matter where your data is, or what kind of database it lives in, you can bring it together with Grafana. Beautifully.” (Originally Posted by:

This quotation highlights the success of Grafina’s goal in a nutshell: all the available data is pretty. Displaying and building a dashboard is quick and does not require any special dependencies, only the connection to the data source must be supplied. Suppose… the project uses multiple data sources for different applications: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Prometheus, then all of these can be integrated as Data Sources in Grafana and freely distributed across multiple dashboards.

By blending data sources on dashboards, individual dashboards can be configured to meet the needs of each user.

Dashboard according to requirement

The requirements are different for each area and position in the project / company, here is an example:

The Operations Team wants to see the state of the systems (alias Nagios / Icinga / Check_mk), the cluster, health check results, and a table of all open bugs. The developers prefer to see performance data relevant to their application. The SLA Manager wants charts about the accessibility of the services as well as a histogram of the growth of the environment.

These requirements are easy to implement within Grafana, because the dashboards are set up, configured and changed within your browser. Not only can the dashboards contain different data sources, but graphs and graphs can show the same too.

Of course, Grafana has built in the features you need today - authentication, alerting, user management, organizations, specifying time periods, seamless plugin expansion, and more.



The Grafana website is constantly offering new data sources, panels, apps and dashboards.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to exchange information on this subject without obligation.Auf der Webseite von Grafana werden stetig neue Data Sources, Panels, Apps und Dashboards angeboten.


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