Voice over IP — telephony as a software service

The boundaries between information technology and telephony are beginning to fall. Business processes are optimally supported by computers and telephones hand in hand. Customers and partners are connected with the right contact partner quickly and without any diversions. This contact partner has all the information available to hand before the call is accepted.

The use of open source technologies enables economic, scalable and flexible software solutions for voice and video communication. Integrating voice and video communications in existing IT systems within the company will make you quicker, more flexible and more productive than the competition. Telephony as a software service is much more than a simple telephone system!

Are you looking for a flexible, future-orientated way to make your telephony able to cope with challenges of speed and globalisation?

Would you like to combine information from computers and telephony, dial from your applications and have access to all the information about the person calling you from the CRM on the monitor?

Please feel free to read the report about the open source telephony infrastructure of LVM Versicherung in Münster.

Do you have call centre requirements? There are also now possibilities in this field — read more in the contact centre section.

Would you like to know more about the open source technologies in use?

As a feature server, back to back user agent, registrar or actual PBX, Asterisk or Freeswitch are used, depending on the situation and framework conditions.

The administration and intuitive use of the features for users and administrators is made possible by projects such as community with an intuitive web surface.

Kamailio is used as an SIP router, SIP proxy, SIP registrar or for the aggregation of presence information and, in particular for high availability requirements and scaling.