The well-known OSS telephony solution Asterisk lays the foundations for flexible set-ups. All requirements can be addressed optimally, from the simple solution in the home office right up to a complex set-up in a company with branches around the world. The flexibility and openness of this solution enables integration into a wide range of operational processes and software solutions. Economic efficiency and a wide range of functions make Asterisk the number one choice. GONICUS brings with it a long and extensive experience in conception, implementation and migration, which you can count on when taking the first steps towards VoIP.

Asterisk PBX, which was designed by our partner Digium, represents the most well-known telephony open source project. Alongside the dynamically developing standard version, a certified version which focuses on reliability and stability has been on the market for a while now. In this version users also have access to 3rd level support provided by Digium as a valuable form of protection in enterprise environments.

In production environments, we focus on the certified variants with long term support of the Asterisk 1.8 versions and Asterisk 11 versions. We were also able to gather excellent experience of special characteristics in various scenarios in relation to stability and flexibility.

The following functions and characteristics distinguish the Asterisk PBX and can be used and configured according to requirements:

  • Individual dial plans for the flexible and dynamic connection of incoming and outgoing lines
  • Modular architecture with individual applications for special functions which make Asterisk a flexible feature server
    • Voicemail
    • Waiting queues
    • Language menus
    • Time management
    • Conference rooms
    • Recordings
  • Interfaces (AMI) for external control of:
    • Computer integrated telephony applications
    • Dynamic routing of calls by external business logic
  • Flexible configuration through:
    • Configuration files
    • Database connection
  • Support of connection of various technologies
    • SIP
    • ISDN (CAPI)
    • IAX
    • ...
  • Waiting music and messages
  • Comprehensive statistical data concerning calls

With the newly released version Asterisk 13 and the associated architecture upgrades, more and more possibilities for future integration and connection are opening up.

GONICUS is an experienced partner in the setting up of flexible and individual solutions with the most widely used open source telephony solution.