Digital change in SME - impulse workshop



  • Several companies within a group of companies from South Westphalia - medium-sized companies (parking guidance system, metal construction)
  • Classic multi-level distribution
  • Hardly any direct contact with end customers
  • Non-Digital products


Customer goals

  • Develop a sense of limitations and potentials associated with Digital Transformation
  • Awareness of senior management and sales leadership for changing business models
  • Overview of current trends and developments around the IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Understanding Change (Technology, Processes, Products & Services)



  • Impulse Workshop together with Nexoma and GONICUS
  • Overview of developments from an IT point of view and examples of comparable companies
  • Joint development of possible consequences for the companies involved from these developments
  • Develop ideas on possible strategies and enhancements of existing business models


Achieved goals

  • Understanding the current technological changes
  • Understand the impact on existing business models
  • Thoughts for application in their own environment
  • Set starting point for further considerations and strategy development

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