Support for you!

Solutions support instead of product support – no more "passing the buck"

An IT environment consists of many individual products from different developers. However, the support provided in each instance is tailored only to the product of the developer in question. What do you do when there is a problem with the way in which the products interact? How do you handle the situation when the blame is inevitably passed from one person to the next? GONICUS supports you and your infrastructure — not just an individual product!

Your IT infrastructure is unique. It has grown over time and consists of components from different developers. Your database is supplied by a premium developer and runs on Enterprise Linux Server; this database must interact with the open-source webserver. Your agency's web application requires version 3.2 of the Java framework — however, this version is not currently available for the installed Linux distribution. You have therefore installed the Java framework from an alternative source. Now—following an update to the Linux distribution—the web application, framework and database no longer interact correctly. Thus begins your trek through the support jungle.

The support jungle

“No, our distribution does not support this version of the framework. We cannot help you.” “The database interacts best with our bespoke framework. Unfortunately we have no experience with the combination that you are using.” “The problem must be due to the library. There must be a patch from your distribution developer. That version is completely obsolete!“

Sound familiar? Developers have to concentrate on providing the best possible support for their own product – there are no two ways about it. Yet unfortunately, that does not solve your urgent problem! 

Solutions support

The answer? We support your environment, your infrastructure and the way in which the different components interact. We liaise between the various parties concerned and act as your main point of contact. We will solve your problem! 

How does it work? First, we familiarise ourselves with your environment and ensure that we understand how the components and processes function together. We document the status of the individual elements and ensure that a consistent basis remains available. We then take full responsibility.


As a central interface and point of contact, we are available to answer your concerns. We combine lessons learned from our own project experience with the expertise available in the open-source community, and co-ordinate interaction between the developer support teams. A single point of contact for your specialists!

Our support team's processes demonstrate a high level of professionalism and customer-focus, as recognised by our DIN ISO 9001:2008 certification. These processes take into account various service-level requirements, tasks and priorities, and are used to find unique solutions tailored to the customer in question.

Alongside typical support tasks, our support team assumes responsibility for the care and maintenance of open-source software and is also available for operational tasks.

Our second and third-level teams are made up of specialists with vast project experience who know what a heterogeneous infrastructure depends on. Short lines of communication to the distribution developer and to the open-source community complement our internal expertise and allow wide-ranging yet in-depth coverage of various technology sectors..

The GONICUS modular support contract or ad-hoc support allow us to provide appropriate flexible and modular arrangements for successful collaboration..

Finding solutions

Do you have a problem with your IT infrastructure that you cannot solve by direct means? We will identify the problem down to the individual product or certification – around the clock, on demand! We make sure that you can concentrate on the core tasks of your business. We assume responsibility and find solutions.

We would be delighted to present our company to you alongside the possibilities offered by our solutions support team in a personal appointment.