Development of a web configuration front-end for Busch-Jäger

Busch-Jaeger HQ


  • Market leader with over 125 years of history in the field of electrical installation technology
  • New, innovative home automation product line for the midrange audience
  • International distributed product development
  • Smart home as a strategic topic

Free@Home AP

Customer goals

  • Fast, flexible development of front ends easily integrated into the product line
  • Intuitive configuration options for end users
  • Using agile development methods and use of available Internet technologies
  • Gradual expansion of the configuration options analogous to extensions of the product range
  • Continuous quality assurance in close cooperation with the appropriate posts at Busch-Jäger


  • Voting tools and methods during initial workshops
  • Agile development using open source tools to work directly with the team at Busch-Jäger
  • Using the Qooxdoo framework
  • A Flexible web solution for use on different platforms


Achieved goals

  • Configured front-end as an integral part of the product line
  • Configuration options are now also available to end users
  • Fast and flexible adaptation to product development
  • Direct and close collaboration of development teams through the use of open source tools
  • Successful deployment of OSS tools for automated construction, testing and deployment to accelerate development

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Technologies in use

  • Qooxdoo as a framework for a responsive solution
  • GitLab as a basis for joint development with Continuous Build & Integration
  • Saucelabs for automated cross-platform testing

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Stefan Grote
  • Stefan Grote
  • Head of Sales
  • +49 (0) 29 32 / 9 16 - 135
  • +49 (0) 1 62 / 4 19 87 09
  • +49 (0) 29 32 / 9 16 - 235

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