Operational support for a globally operating group



  • A Globally active company in the automotive sector
  • A Complex, production-critical IT infrastructure
  • Worldwide locations with different IT
  • A Mix of Linux and Windows


Customer goals

  • Support your own IT around the clock
  • Have Close cooperation between external and internal experts
  • Expertise in different fields as needed
  • Assumption of operational and support tasks


  • Get to know the environment and processes of the customer
  • Definition and testing of interfaces between customers, partners and GONICUS
  • Cooperation in existing teams
  • Integration into existing processes and tools
  • Gradual assumption of responsibility in off-peak times

Positives Feedback

Achieved goals

  • Complete takeover of tasks in the evening and at night
  • Wide range of tasks from the Linux desktop to the Oracle server
  • Proven collaboration and coordination between layers and teams
  • Integration into the use of existing support and operating tools

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